How flash Cyanogenmod ROM on Spice Mi-300

Why I am writing this blog ?

Because I tried several methods to flash Cyanogenmod but always having problem with Power ON, reboot and high battery drain, so here is the proper way to flash Cyanogenmod ROMs ( froyo, gingerbread ).

Following are the steps you need to do :-

  1. Very first and important is to be done is update you phone with Vendor ROM of Spice Mi-300 ( ) . Why we need to do it ? because if you not do this there will be problem with mobile network, Powern On issue , etc .
  2. Now you need to root you phone, download and install it on you phone, chose Permanent Root from the options. Note:- this will download other package so you need good bandwidth  connection line WiFi , GPRS will take  some time.
  3. Search “ROM Manager” in Android Market  install ROM Manager by ClockworkMod, and using it install ClockworkMod Recovery ( Current Version is  )
  4. Download Cyanogenmod ROM, I am using Gingerbread Nightly build ( ) and copy it in SD card.
  5. Download Google apps ( ) and copy it in SD card.
  6. Start ROM Manager application, and click on “Reboot in Recovery”.
  7. Once you enter ClockworkMod Recovery, trackball to select and Power button to go back.
  8. Do Wipe data/factory reset
  9. Click on Install zip from sdcard.
  10. Choose zip from sdcard ( First then )
  11. Reboot system now

Now it will take 5 to 10 min for first boot.

Now its Time for some tweak to increase performance and battery life, so follow these steps :-

Performance Tweak  :-

Go to settings -> CyanogenMod settings -> Performance

  1. Select Compcache RAM Usage and select 26 %
  2. Select VM heap size and select 32m
Battery Tweak:-
  1. Press and hold power button and select Reboot then Recovery.
  2. When rebooted in recovery select Advance, press on Wipe battery cache when done reboot the system

14 thoughts on “How flash Cyanogenmod ROM on Spice Mi-300

  1. The process given are very clear and step by step

    I tried to upgraxe my mi 300 cyborg 7 but when phone started there was no signal. I missed first step given above. Now my phone is not having any signals.
    can you provide original vendor Rom in nb0 format so I can install with air tool or any other way to get network signals.

    Thanks in advance

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  3. hi ,

    im installed cynogenmod clock recovery in my mi-300.

    but it fails . z4root.apk not showing any super user values.

    please tell me how to remove cynogenmode from my mobile..

    i dont have any rom backup.

  4. now my spice having signal and power on issue.. it just stuck/hanged at “android” logo and wont pass through now i have to make it pass first and after that solve the signal issue or maybe you have any idea… help please… thank

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  6. Hi
    I bought spice mi 355 and have rooted it as well. can you please help me in installing a CM rom on it?

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